Not Us

Definitely Not ParousiaWow, I can’t believe how many bands there are named Parousia, or The Parousia, or whatever. Let’s devote a section to these imposters and potential copyright infringers, just for the fun of it.


As the original performing and recording artists to take the moniker Parousia (est. 1975), we’ll not issue any cease and desist orders.


Rather we will honor the subsequent Parousias here.


And, maybe pick on them just a bit (hee hee)!

The Parousia Band, Still No…

“The Parousia Band” is not the original 1975 Parousia from Buffalo, NY that moved to Los Angeles in 1986. This Parousia band is a young Christian rock-band performing at a gig called “Generation Worship” (location unknown) March 24th, 2013.  It is likely…